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13. May 2022

115th Aargau cantonal Schwingen festival – our recycling will be making its mark too!

As the leading Swiss recycling company and main sponsor of this year’s Aargau cantonal Schwingen festival, we’re happy to also be ensuring the optimum reuse of raw materials on the ‘Chäbere’ festival site in Beinwil/Freiamt. As part of our commitment to regional sport, we aim to not only provide sponsorship contributions, but also to utilise our recycling expertise and do our part in ensuring a successful cantonal Schwingen festival in our region. We look forward to a great event full of joy, strength and sawdust!

Be there when the ‘Bösen’ show what they can do. There is free entry onto the site, and there are plenty of food and drink stalls to keep guests going between the ‘Schwingen’ contests. You can find more information about the Aargau cantonal Schwingen festival here:


11. May 2022

Congratulations to EV Zug on the successful defence of its Swiss national ice hockey title

No team has ever recovered from three matches down to win the Swiss National League playoff finals – until now, that is. EV Zug pulled off a remarkable comeback to beat Zurich’s ZSC Lions and secure its third Swiss National League championship (after 1998 and 2021). Wiederkehr Recycling AG, a proud Bossard Arena board sponsor, would like to congratulate EV Zug on its fantastic success. (Images: SRF screenshots)

Wiederkehr Recycling News EVZug Schweizer Meister 2021 2022 Bild2
5. May 2022

Congratulations to Alberto Manuel Ferreira on 15 years at Wiederkehr Recycling AG

We’re delighted to be celebrating another anniversary at our Waltenschwil site: Alberto Manuel Ferreira has been supporting us for an impressive 15 years. Whether he’s operating the shredder or the shears, Alberto puts his strong knowledge of our recycling processes to work in his role as a metalworker, and expertly carries out maintenance and repairs to our facilities. He also supports our activities through welding and work with the forklift and hydraulic lift. We are very happy that we can continue to rely on Alberto’s valued, reliable, conscientious and loyal contribution to our company. Wiederkehr Recycling AG would like to congratulate him on this anniversary and thank him for his longstanding loyalty to our company. Jacques Hartmann (right), Site Manager of Wiederkehr Recycling AG, hands Alberto Manuel Ferreira (left) a luxurious gift basket in appreciation of his work.

2. May 2022

The Wiederkehr Group gives nature a chance

By shifting a significant proportion of our transport from road to rail, we’re proactively increasing our commitment to the environment.

According to the SBB Cargo report, the Wiederkehr Group saved a remarkable 6,756 lorry journeys in 2021 by increasing its use of rail. This enabled a considerable reduction in harmful emissions – such as 887 tonnes less CO2, to name just one of the impressive figures!

The Wiederkehr Group is proud to have made this further contribution to environmental protection. You can read more about the responsible action we’re taking on sustainability here.

23. March 2022

Congratulations to EV Zug on qualifying

Wiederkehr Recycling, a proud Bossard Arena Zug board sponsor, congratulates the EVZ team on qualifying for the quarterfinals. Thank you for the thrilling moments in the regular season, and we wish the team a successful quarterfinal.

1. March 2022

Congratulations to Antonio Da Cruz Luis on 20 years at Wiederkehr Recycling AG

Our shift worker Antonio Da Cruz Luis celebrated his 20th anniversary at Wiederkehr Recycling AG on 11 February 2022 – an extraordinary anniversary for an extraordinarily reliable and motivated employee. The multitalented Antonio Da Cruz Luis has put his longstanding expertise in production and processes to work across a range of facilities and areas, including separation, sorting facilities, shredders and baling. He’s also a quick, safe and expert wheel loader and forklift truck operator. His team and managers value his friendly and helpful manner. Wiederkehr Recycling AG would like to congratulate him on this anniversary and thank him for his longstanding loyalty to our company. Team Leader Ernst Hürlimann (left) hands Antonio Da Cruz Luis (right) a well-earned token of appreciation.

20. January 2022

Congratulations to Deborah Miano on 10 years at Wiederkehr Recycling

For 10 years now, our purchasing administration team has been able to rely on the valuable support of Ms Deborah Miano (right). She makes a significant contribution to the team and also supports us in weighing and at reception at Waltenschwil. Wiederkehr Recycling AG would like to thank her for her long-standing loyalty to the company, and we look forward to continuing our work together. In the picture, Martina Wirth (left), Head of Administration Purchasing and Sales, presents the jubilarian Deborah Miano with a well-deserved recognition.

23. December 2021

Congratulations to Pedro Dos Santos on 10 years at Wiederkehr Recycling

Pedro Dos Santos has worked at Wiederkehr Recycling’s Waltenschwil site for 10 years. His tasks range from separating materials and organising them according to their type and quality, through driving and operating a forklift, to cleanup and repair work. Wiederkehr Recycling AG would like to congratulate Pedro Dos Santos on his 10-year anniversary and thank him for his hard work and loyalty.

9. December 2021

Wiederkehr Logistics – a new department hits the road

In order to further optimise the Wiederkehr Group’s logistics services for our clients, we’ve created a new department, Wiederkehr Logistics, as of 1 December 2021. The nine-person Logistics team will be led by expediter Joel Basler. We’d like to wish them all a strong start and safe travels!

26. November 2021

Congratulations to Alois Keller on 40 years at Wiederkehr Recycling

On 9 November 1981, Alois Keller began his career at Wiederkehr Recycling AG as a crane operator and employee in the company’s workshop, metalworking shop and garage. Twenty-three years later, on 23 January 2004, he took over the role of Lead Metalworker; five years after that, on 1 September 2009, he became Team Leader for Scrap Metal Recycling, a position of significant responsibility. A 40-year anniversary doesn’t happen every day. Wiederkehr Recycling AG is therefore particularly proud to be able to congratulate Alois on this extraordinary occasion and his many years of loyalty to the company. Jacques Hartmann (right), Site Manager of Wiederkehr Recycling AG Waltenschwil, celebrated the anniversary with Alois and his team at a small event.

11. November 2021

Wiederkehr Recycling AG – main sponsor of UHC Blue Sharks Waltenschwil

Wiederkehr Recycling AG supports the traditional local floorball club as an official main sponsor of UHC Blue Sharks Waltenschwil. The club comprises nine teams, from Juniors F to Men’s 1, and the top team was promoted to the second division in 2019. With this sponsorship, Wiederkehr Recycling is supporting regional sport, and is committed to promoting young talent. After a difficult start to the season due to the pandemic, it’s even more pleasing that the teams are now able to compete in the championship and in tournaments again. We wish all of the UHC Blue Sharks teams every success!

20. October 2021

Congratulations to Ernst Hürlimann on 20 years at Wiederkehr Recycling

Many of our employees have been with us for a long time and they are the foundation for our success. Ernst Hürlimann (on the left in the photo) is a great example of this. He started his Wiederkehr career on 1 October 2001, working in the workshop and as a shredder operator. Three years later, he switched to demanding shift work, primarily in Hall 7. This was the perfect move, as became clear over the years: in 2013, Ernst Hürlimann took over as manager of Hall 7, and he is still successfully performing this role to this day. On 1 October 2021, this widely respected employee was congratulated on his anniversary by Jacques Hartmann, Site Manager of Wiederkehr Recycling Waltenschwil (on the right in the photo). The Wiederkehr Group Management Board congratulates Ernst Hürlimann on his 20 years at Wiederkehr Recycling, thanks him for his loyal service and looks forward to continuing our work together in the future.

19. October 2021

School pupils learn the importance of recycling

Teaching young people about the handling and processing of recycled materials is an important task. The Wiederkehr Group is fully committed to educating people about recycling, as it is only by raising their awareness of the circular economy that they will understand the importance of the careful use of resources. It was with this in mind that a group of pupils from Wohlen and Villmergen came to visit our site in Waltenschwil on 30 September 2021. A tour and presentation, plus a small competition, gave them interesting and informative insights into the recycling business. They were able to learn about the different materials on their journey from delivery through to processing into recyclables – including the different job roles involved. These career information days are organised by Berufe Wohlen + with the aim of giving young people insights into the world of work. On this afternoon, it was a resounding success. The pupils went home with a Wiederkehr rucksack full of information and plenty of impressive memories.

26. August 2021

An insight into our company

Our new company brochure is hot off the press and offers an exciting insight into our company and the world of recycling. You can also browse through the online version: it’s available as an addition to our company profile here on the website (german).

19. July 2021

Our newest Wiederkehr Recycling powerhouse

Our latest-generation material handler is now operational! We are used to large and powerful machines, but this is a remarkable new acquisition for us and we are delighted that this powerhouse will be boosting our operational facilities with immediate effect. As the leading Swiss recycling company, having an efficient infrastructure is extremely important to us. The investment in this new material handler is an impressive example of this.

25. May 2021

Congratulations to EV Zug

Wiederkehr Recycling, a proud Bossard Arena Zug board sponsor, congratulates the EVZ team on its impressive Swiss Ice Hockey Championship title. Thank you for all the thrilling, top-quality sporting moments during the playoffs. Long may the success continue!

14. May 2021

Final stop: Wiederkehr Recycling

The points were set for the last time for this rail wagon – and they took it right into the middle of our recycling plant in Waltenschwil. The dismantling of this powerful and bulky vehicle represents yet another impressive recycling project for Wiederkehr, especially considering the size of the object being worked on. Our aim is the same as with every job that we handle: to efficiently dismantle the vehicle that once rattled reliably along the tracks into small pieces ready for recycling. There is a wide variety of materials to be processed. Here is an overview of the recyclables:

Overview of material

29. April 2021

We are now on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Get all the latest news from the Wiederkehr Group on the popular social media platforms. We’ve successfully launched our attractive profiles and look forward to further followers.

We invite you to join our network on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn:

Just click on the appropriate icon and log in with your own profile.

We look forward to connecting with you online.

19. March 2021

100% electricity from hydropower – sustainable, cost-effective, locally produced

Since 1 January 2021, the Wiederkehr Group has sourced the electricity for its Waltenschwil and Schwarzenbach sites exclusively from hydropower. This was a logical decision, made for the benefit of the environment. The arguments for hydropower include not only its simple renewability, but also low emissions of greenhouse gases and highly efficient conversion into electrical energy with comparatively low use of resources. You can find further information on how we put sustainability into practice at the Wiederkehr Group here

1. December 2020

Ship ahoy!

You thought it was only aluminium cans, scrapped cars and dumped fridges that found their way to us? Far from it. We go a whole lot bigger than that. As part of a specialist disposal service, we dismantle transport giants like ships or even trains. We carry out extraordinary projects like these at our site in Waltenschwil. Our powerful infrastructure transforms immense objects into small recyclable parts. The huge range within recycling is what makes the Wiederkehr Group so unique and our work so fascinating and sustainable. Here is an overview of the raw materials we work with on a day-to-day basis:

Overview of material

1. December 2020

Do you share our vision of recirculating raw materials?

In the Wiederkehr Group, a whole range of trades enjoy the freedom to learn and grow: from business management professionals and recycling operatives to traders in raw materials. Our employees appreciate our attractive conditions, cooperative working style and the accessibility of our sites. They take great pleasure in securing the recirculation of raw materials. In our Careers section you can browse our current vacancies and find out about making a speculative application. Would you like to get to know us better? We look forward to hearing from you. 

1. December 2020

Brand new website!

Allow us to present our completely new-look website. Here you can discover what drives us and the change we want to effect. Our number one priority: recirculating raw materials – recycling at the highest level. Delve into our world of pictures. These give you an authentic insight into our work as the core player in Switzerland’s recycling management. Whether you’re a customer, supplier or otherwise invested in our work, the intuitive navigation will quickly take you straight where you want to go. Be immersed in a world where usually only large excavators and metal shears go, and discover the amazing range and power of our work here at the Wiederkehr Group.

Wiederkehr Recycling AG
Titlisstrasse 332
5622 Waltenschwil

Tel. +41 56 618 36 36



Wiederkehr Recycling AG
Titlisstrasse 332
5622 Waltenschwil

Tel. +41 56 618 36 36