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16. March 2023

More rail transport – less impact on nature

Every year, our commitment to the environment is reflected in SBB Cargo’s emissions report, among others. In 2022, we saved an impressive 6,116 lorry journeys by deliberately opting for rail instead of road for a significant portion of our transportation needs. This reduced our emitted pollutants by a remarkable 852 tonnes of CO2.

We are delighted to be able to press ahead with our commitment to protecting the environment by taking these kinds of proactive measures. You can read more about the action we’re taking on sustainability here.

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3. January 2023

Joel Strebel and Wiederkehr Recycling AG – ringing in a successful new year

The new year sees the start of our collaboration with successful Swiss wrestler Joel Strebel as part of an official sponsorship deal. Having already played an important role as a key sponsor of the Aargau Cantonal Wrestling Festival in July 2022, Wiederkehr Recycling AG is taking its support of Swiss wrestling to the next level in the form of this sponsorship deal with Joel Strebel. Based in Aristau, Freiamt’s Athlete of the Year 2021 works as a landscape gardener in his parents’ business and has strong links to our region. Dynamic and down-to-earth, his pleasant and authentic air reflects our values: ‘traditional and modern’. Joel Strebel has already taken the crown at various events on numerous occasions and is working towards the 2025 Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival in Glarus. Wiederkehr Recycling AG is delighted to support Joel Strebel on his journey to the next ESAF – we wish him the very best of luck!

More about Wiederkehr Group’s sponsorship campaign

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Joel Strebel (second from right) and his manager Rolf Huser (left) with Peter Wiederkehr (second from left) and Andreas Rufer (right) from Wiederkehr Recycling AG looking forward to working together at the contract signing in December 2022.
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From the left: Peter Wiederkehr, Joel Strebel
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From the left: Joel Strebel, Andreas Rufer
Wiederkehr Recycling Vertragsunterzeichnung Joel Strebel Web 842 1024x640
From the left: Peter Wiederkehr, Joel Strebel
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From the left: Peter Wiederkehr, Joel Strebel, Andreas Rufer
12. December 2022

National Future Day – inspiring young people, providing new perspectives

Wouldn’t it be great to give enthusiastic school children a taster of what it’s like to be a Recyclist? We were delighted to open the doors to our Waltenschwil site to do just that in celebration of National Future Day! A varied programme of activities wowed groups of young visitors again and again and made the day educational and diverse: equipped with helmets, high-visibility vests and safety shoes, they started the tour through our head office and the scrap yard, which is the biggest in Switzerland. Our 3,000 hp shredder was a particular highlight for the crowd of students – not surprising considering it holds the record for being the biggest in the country. They then had fun testing their knowledge: is it aluminium, brass, steel, zinc or copper? Who knows the difference? How many aluminium cans are there in our Alucube recycled product? They had lunch with their parents, and site manager Daniel Friedrich and head of production Naim Emini gave the children the opportunity to ask questions and discuss what they’d seen and discovered with their peers. Their interest in our Recyclist apprenticeships was sparked on National Future Day. More information is available to anyone on our careers website, whether they attended the National Future Day or not.

30. November 2022

Congratulations to Arben Krasniqi on 15 years at Wiederkehr Recycling AG

Expertise and experience are important factors behind the success of our business, so we’re delighted we can count on so many longstanding employees. Arben Krasniqi at our Waltenschwil site is one of them, having joined our company 15 years ago on 1 November 2007. Arben works on the sink-float system, where he is responsible for the specific operations performed there, and is highly valued as a reliable, versatile member of the team, who is always happy to help. To mark his 15 years at the company, Arben received congratulations and a thank-you gift from Waltenschwil Site Manager Daniel Friedrich (left) and Health & Safety Officer Christoph Vögele (right). The Wiederkehr Group Management Board would like to congratulate Arben on his 15 years at Wiederkehr Recycling and thank him for his loyalty to our company, which we greatly appreciate.

17. October 2022

A gathering of old lorries

On Saturday, 8 October 2022, a number of vintage trucks gathered at the AVO Wiederkehr Recycling AG site in Schwarzenbach to be marvelled at. The various vehicles from yesteryear attracted many curious visitors.

19. September 2022

Congratulations to Remo Luongo on 20 years at Wiederkehr Recycling AG

On 1 September 2022, Remo Luongo was congratulated on his 20-year career at Wiederkehr Recycling AG. Remo is a qualified recyclist with a Swiss certificate of proficiency, and as a company employee and plant manager, he acts as deputy team leader of Produktion Leicht. He has also undertaken further training to become a radiation protection officer and works as an apprentice mentor. The tasks and responsibilities assigned to Remo alone demonstrate how reliable, motivated and ambitious an employee he is. For that reason, he is highly regarded among the entire team and his superiors. Wiederkehr Recycling is proud to be able to celebrate an extremely experienced and multifaceted expert on his enduring commitment and loyalty to the company. Site manager Daniel Friedrich (left) passes on the best wishes of the Executive Board to Remo Luongo (right).

22. July 2022

Congratulations on successfully completing your apprenticeship

We are very proud to congratulate Ujjwal Pokhrel und Hans Rüsch on successfully completing their three-year apprenticeship as Recycling Operators with EFZ (federal VET diploma) and are delighted that they will continue working for our company after their apprenticeships, contributing their energy and up-to-the-minute knowledge. We would also like to thank Mr Remo Luongo, our apprenticeship supervisor, for supporting and encouraging our apprentices in their practical work.

The Wiederkehr team

7. July 2022

We recycle your electrical waste too! Arrange a trial today with a 10% discount.

Even worn-out electronic devices are full of raw materials that can be fed back into the production process. We handle this task with expertise and commitment. Disposal takes place in our SENS- and SWICO-certified production facility, from dismantling and separating through to shredding.

Arrange a trial electrical waste collection today and get an additional 10% discount on the standard Wiederkehr price. Furthermore, anyone who arranges a trial can enjoy an event package which includes a tour of the production facility at the headquarters in Waltenschwil.

17. May 2022

Congratulations to Bernardino Silva Da Mota on 15 years at Wiederkehr Recycling AG

We’re delighted to be able to count on such longstanding employees at Wiederkehr Recycling AG! On 2 May 2022, we’re once again expressing our thanks and congratulations for another anniversary at our Waltenschwil site: Bernardino Silva Da Mota has been an integral part of our team for 15 years. He has a wide breadth of skills and duties, which is why he’s worked on a range of equipment, including Becker shredders, baling, sorting facilities, DHM and ECS and also worked efficiently as a wheel loader, forklift and truck driver. He is a reliable and careful employee, and is valued as a friendly colleague who is always happy to help. Wiederkehr Recycling AG would like to congratulate him on this anniversary and thank him for his longstanding loyalty to our company. Ernst Hürlimann (left), Team Leader at Wiederkehr Recycling AG, hands Bernardino Silva Da Mota his anniversary gift in grateful recognition of his many years of service.

13. May 2022

115th Aargau cantonal Schwingen festival – our recycling will be making its mark too!

As the leading Swiss recycling company and main sponsor of this year’s Aargau cantonal Schwingen festival, we’re happy to also be ensuring the optimum reuse of raw materials on the ‘Chäbere’ festival site in Beinwil/Freiamt. As part of our commitment to regional sport, we aim to not only provide sponsorship contributions, but also to utilise our recycling expertise and do our part in ensuring a successful cantonal Schwingen festival in our region. We look forward to a great event full of joy, strength and sawdust!

Be there when the ‘Bösen’ show what they can do. There is free entry onto the site, and there are plenty of food and drink stalls to keep guests going between the ‘Schwingen’ contests. You can find more information about the Aargau cantonal Schwingen festival here:


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