14. May 2021

Final stop: Wiederkehr Recycling

The points were set for the last time for this rail wagon – and they took it right into the middle of our recycling plant in Waltenschwil. The dismantling of this powerful and bulky vehicle represents yet another impressive recycling project for Wiederkehr, especially considering the size of the object being worked on. Our aim is the same as with every job that we handle: to efficiently dismantle the vehicle that once rattled reliably along the tracks into small pieces ready for recycling. There is a wide variety of materials to be processed. Here is an overview of the recyclables:

Overview of material

19. March 2021

100% electricity from hydropower – sustainable, cost-effective, locally produced

Since 1 January 2021, the Wiederkehr Group has sourced the electricity for its Waltenschwil and Schwarzenbach sites exclusively from hydropower. This was a logical decision, made for the benefit of the environment. The arguments for hydropower include not only its simple renewability, but also low emissions of greenhouse gases and highly efficient conversion into electrical energy with comparatively low use of resources. You can find further information on how we put sustainability into practice at the Wiederkehr Group here

1. December 2020

Ship ahoy!

You thought it was only aluminium cans, scrapped cars and dumped fridges that found their way to us? Far from it. We go a whole lot bigger than that. As part of a specialist disposal service, we dismantle transport giants like ships or even trains. We carry out extraordinary projects like these at our site in Waltenschwil. Our powerful infrastructure transforms immense objects into small recyclable parts. The huge range within recycling is what makes the Wiederkehr Group so unique and our work so fascinating and sustainable. Here is an overview of the raw materials we work with on a day-to-day basis:

Overview of material

1. December 2020

Do you share our vision of recirculating raw materials?

In the Wiederkehr Group, a whole range of trades enjoy the freedom to learn and grow: from business management professionals and recycling operatives to traders in raw materials. Our employees appreciate our attractive conditions, cooperative working style and the accessibility of our sites. They take great pleasure in securing the recirculation of raw materials. In our Careers section you can browse our current vacancies and find out about making a speculative application. Would you like to get to know us better? We look forward to hearing from you. 

1. December 2020

Brand new website!

Allow us to present our completely new-look website. Here you can discover what drives us and the change we want to effect. Our number one priority: recirculating raw materials – recycling at the highest level. Delve into our world of pictures. These give you an authentic insight into our work as the core player in Switzerland’s recycling management. Whether you’re a customer, supplier or otherwise invested in our work, the intuitive navigation will quickly take you straight where you want to go. Be immersed in a world where usually only large excavators and metal shears go, and discover the amazing range and power of our work here at the Wiederkehr Group.

Wiederkehr Recycling AG
Titlisstrasse 332
5622 Waltenschwil

Tel. +41 56 618 36 36

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